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Terms and Conditions

Use of this Website

Terms and Conditions of Use

1. General


This Web Site and services described herein are owned, operated, and provided by Carbon Equities New Zealand Limited (CENZ). The Web Site and services described herein are made available on the following terms and conditions. By using this Web Site and/or its carbon credit and carbon management services, you accept these terms and conditions, which will be interpreted according to relevant New Zealand law.


2. Licence


2.1 CENZ grants you a non-exclusive licence to access and use the content in this Web Site for your personal purposes. You may not reproduce, copy, or distribute any part of the content for commercial purposes.

2.2 You acknowledge that the copyright, database, and all other intellectual property rights comprised in or relating to this Web Site, and in the information it contains, belongs to CENZ. CEQNZTM & ® trademarks are owned by CENZ, and are used by permission.


3. Changes to the Web Site

Changes to this Web Site may be made at any time by CENZ to upgrade or improve the services supplied.


4. Privacy Policy

All information sent to us by you will be kept in confidence and not released to any other party without your written permission. All such personal or private information shall be managed in accordance with our Privacy policy, and is held on a secure server equipped with the latest security devices and firewalls. All other Privacy matters are managed as required under New Zealand law.


5. Cookies

Cookies are small packets of computer data stored by us on your computer which enable us to identify your computer when you access our Web Site. We may use cookies to provide you with a convenient means of access, without needing your password. This also occurs to protect the integrity of client’s names and passwords. We will not disclose information obtained by the use of cookies to third parties.


6. Independent and Impartial

CENZ has no affiliation whatsoever with any other information supplier or agency, and provides services for its clients on an independent and impartial basis; using details as provided by the customer, together with publicly available data sets with appropriate licensing or purchasing arrangements where required.


7. Limitation of Liability


7.1 CENZ excludes all warranties, express or implied, as part of this Web Site or the services described herein. This includes, but is not limited to, any implied warranty that the information it contains is accurate or up-to-date or is suitable for any particular purpose. CENZ shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of this Web Site or the services it describes.

7.2 CENZ does not recommend or warrant any particular product or service from any other supplier or agency.

7.3 Whilst CENZ makes every effort to produce products and services of the highest quality, their accuracy is limited by the source information supplied, and CENZ accepts no liability or responsibility for any outcome of the use of any of its products or services.

7.4 CENZ unreservedly retains the right to withdraw permission to use any of its trademark/s in any instance and at any time where:
i) An organisation’s operations or activities no longer meet the quality requirements of CENZ;

ii) A major non-conformity affecting the integrity of the CENZ trademark/s is discovered by a spot review (audit), or by some other means;
iii) Full payment of CENZ royalty fees does not occur by the due date;
iv) License agreements are not adhered to.

7.5 Where breaches of quality standards occur, the organisation involved shall be given at least one months’ notice in writing to correct any such breach, but may not be permitted to continue to use the CENZ trademark/s until the breach has been addressed to CENZ’s satisfaction.

7.6 In respect of the matters outlined in this paragraph 7, no claim for liability or compensation in any form shall be accepted by CENZ.

8. Standard Service Contracts


8.1 Here are links to CENZ standard carbon trading and professional services contracts.

8.2 These standard contracts automatically apply to any carbon trading or professional service commissioned by a Client, except for written variations as agreed between CENZ and the Client.

9. Changes to Policy and Inquiries

Changes to our terms and conditions of use will be posted here. Any other inquiries please contact us.

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