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Carbon Equities NZ for authentic carbon credits and projects

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Inspired by mountain-top experiences, and the wide need in the carbon market for authentic carbon credits, we began Carbon Equities New Zealand Limited to provide honest Carbon Trading support and Carbon Investment Project advice for clients of our sister consultancy company GreenXperts Limited.

Carbon Equities NZ has two objectives:

1) To provide verified Carbon Credit and Carbon Project advice to clients #beautifulair; and,

2) To provide transparent Carbon Trading services tailored to every client's individual needs, big or small.

Our 15 years' experience at GreenXperts taught us that there are many carbon cons and #hotair credits out there. With our scientific tools and professional experience, we could help clients avoid the traps and pitfalls of the carbon market, pointing them to genuine verified #beautifulair credits and projects. Preventing dangerous climate change is a serious business after all, and sooner or later the fakes will be exposed.

Now with Carbon Equities NZ, we have an independent verification services and trading platform for #beautifulair. GreenXperts will remain our carbon authenticator.

All set up, ready to go, with proven reliable professional services in carbon management and sales.

NZBN: 9429050065806 11 November 2021

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